A Coincidence of a Fluke.

Today I am still in Athens. It is incredible how situations take place. The result will depend upon the person’s reaction to the circumstances of the situation.

Traveling with the perception that time is timeless creates a non-reaction to diversions. Traveling alone allows me to take wrong turns, walking around extra street blocks, and wait undue hours for the bus or train. Whatever may take place, everything falls into place if the person surrenders his or her own reaction to the circumstances.

Last night I missed the boat to Crete, sort of. Searching the Internet concerning the ferries, the time of departure is 2130. In America, we consider 1600 or 2130 as military time, although I have gotten good at using the metric system and the terminology of military time. However, I thought 2130 was 9:30 PM, although it is 10:30. In addition, the boat that I need to take left over an hour earlier. The Internet was wrong, or I miss read the times of departure, although I never reserve anything online in advanced.

No big deal, time is on my side, I went back to the hostel and called the girls this morning in Crete, who I will be staying with, to inform the mix up that occurred. Interesting enough, they experienced a problem last night. A pipe busted in the living area where I will be staying, the whole area is wet with water. Today they are calling the proprietor to get the pipe fixed. Situations take place for reason, although what matters is a persons reaction. Many travelers would be bitching and complaining and blaming regarding a fluke of plans, I have observed this happening among other travelers continually. For this reason, it is easier to travel by myself; my reaction is “no big deal, figure it out later”, although, I am granted with a vast amount of time. To receive energetic direction from the universe, what will matter is your reaction to the situation. If a person bitches and moans, you cannot expect much flow of energy. Also, surrendering the ego of self-interest is crucial. I continually observe individuals production of self-interest, and how complications are formed compared to the simple path.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

The wise should not unsettle the mind of the ignorant who is attached to the fruit of works.
—Bhagavad Gita

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