A Deck of Cards or Chocolates ?

Life is like a deck of cards, you never know what will be dealt, or is it like a box of chocolates? So far starting out has been better then expected here in the USA. The first two nights at Pigeon Point I was in the dorm myself. Out here at the Yosemite Bug, the variety of people coming through my dorm has been an interesting experience.

Last Tuesday when I arrived there was two Swedish guys and two very nice German gals. Nobody snored. Both couples, or traveling partners, left the next day. That night a couple from Denmark came in and stayed two nights, nobody snored. To my amazement I had the dorm to myself Friday night, weird for a Friday night. Saturday night a couple from Italy moved in for two nights, nobody snored. Last night a couple from England move in for two nights which are on a year around the world trip; I have met several couples that are doing the same thing, they spend time in America, then Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, and southeast Asia. Again, from the whole week nobody snored in the dorm which I have found amazing. There was five in all last night. Although, Europeans are much healthier then Americans. The ones that have traveled the south, mid-west or plain states of Mid-America are astonished by the fast food that is stuffed in the face of the public. They have all said that it is a challenge finding something healthy to eat when on the road in other states.

Something I have learned in life is when to listen to someone and when not too. When up at Pigeon Point, two weeks before leaving the household situation, I met a person from Florida visiting California. She was just here at the Yosemite Bug. She was saying that the dorm beds were like Montara – squeaky. Also, she was saying how the cafe always has bands every night which play into the late night and cause noise into the dorms. I listened with a shrewd ear. Basically, what set off the alarm of deception was that when the subject came up of my plans the first thing she said was ” what are you running away from? “. I couldn’t believe my ears; this is something people say back in Minnesota. The answer to a stupid question like that is ” well, what’s there to runway from? ” throw it right back in their face is the best thing to do. The beds here at the Bug are regular mattress’ and there was not a single band playing from what I could tell, although they do have entertainment here from time to time. There was a dog barking at three in the morning, but maybe he was barking at a dear or something – no big deal.

From my experience so far is that Americans (not all) are very emotional repressed, which makes a person more vulnerable to being jealous and envy – rotten emotions. Having the opportunity to do some hosteling around California; meeting people from St. Louis, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, and other areas; most people automatically act, and feel, like they’re under a bunch of rules in life. Being overly concerned what other people think – if you do this or that; they in turn subject themselves to slavery, because of the person’s demented judgmental perception of the other. Negative foods, negative TV watching, negative music, lazy – not wanting to walk anywhere; it’s no wonder why so many Americans are depressed and are on medication. In many areas the old saying is that “there is nothing to do” – victimization. The Europeans that have drove through Texas really crackup over the fat – unhealthy people that live in that state. I tell them that Texas is the fattest state of all. The movie “Super Size Me” comes to mind.

No offense upon anyone personally, this is what I have just observed and based on what Europeans have observed and shared with me. Everyone has been super friendly up here at the Bug, most travelers stay two nights, hit the park and move on. A week has been a little long, although it has work out well bringing my own food – good down time needed.

Heading back to the bay area for two nights and off to Minneapolis to visit the old stomping grounds – family and friends.