A Development Update.

I have had some situations develop lately. I have contacted the organic farm by phone in Israel for the month of December. We have confirmed the situation and I will have my own space with wireless Internet. They have had other Americans on their farm in the past, too. The farm is about twenty minutes north of Tel Aviv.

In addition, I might have a couch-surfing situation in Tel Aviv for a couple of nights when I arrive. I have contacted numerous amount of people here in Turkey, but everyone seems busy, although, from traveling Turkey for over two months, people are busy and stress out. However, I have found the culture of Turkey kind of strange, many people are not relaxed, and the sense of humor is null compared to Egypt and Jordan. I am looking forward to experiencing a new country.

Today, I decided to purchase a five hour tour of the world war on sites of Gallipoli, it is the best way to see the area, I have studied that side of world war one, and about the bloodbath that took place on Gallipoli, the tour should be interesting.

I have blog posts scheduled through the 8th. I will be leaving Canakkale tomorrow for Bandirma to catch the boat to Istanbul. I am not quite ready to visit the big city of 15 million people, although Istanbul cannot be worse than Cairo. I will most likely post about Gallipoli, and a couple of posts for Istanbul, and then I will be taking a break from posting until I get to Israel. I will most likely post short updates while in transit to Israel.

A week from today will be my one year anniversary since I departed from California.

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