A New Kitten—and a Finished Awning!

From the picture you can observe the awning finished, it turned out OK, this next spring I will reinforce it, however until November it should be a solid structure against the wind. The awning measures somewhat large, at 5.5 by 4 meters. In addition, today it rained and the water drained off of the awning properly.

I decided to just place rugs in the winter house/summer kitchen. Accomplishing things out here has been so difficult that I decided not to install a floor; the rugs will be work well for the winter, and next spring I will decide if I want to install some type of floor. The energy is amiable, and the kitchen house is a great summer nest. I have made some nice friends and they all like the energy of my atmosphere.

The neighbor friends gave me a kitten; a cute little rascal as you can see from the above picture, and young enough to train to ride in the car. Basically, I have become familiar with five different girls and one ten-year old boy. The boy speaks good enough English to translate and many of the girls sought out his assistance for an introduction. There are three girls who are sisters, 14, 16, 18; the 18 year old seems crazy about me. Then another female friend joins along. Then the neighbor across the street, their great granddaughter (Sonya) visits occasionally from Parvomay, she speaks the best English of the bunch and translates. However, the boy who is ten, just stays out in the village with the grandparents during the summer and on the weekends during school, he lives in Plovdiv; once he leaves we will be out of a translator except for when Sonya visits. However, the interactions with the village can be energetically draining; the cold weather and school starting will slow the interaction down. It is very interesting observing the boredom among society. My immediate next door neighbor (George) is a very nice person, he has helped with a few things once he noticed that help from the brother ended, which worked out for the best. I bought an English Bulgarian dictionary, and this book is a great help for translation purposes with the neighbor. This next Saturday, Sonay’s dad will be installing the tile in the shower room and entryway. Big fat George in the village never showed for the tile, similar like the plumber guy. This is one dynamic that makes me ill, people saying they will do something but then avoiding, without any communication. The lack of integrity is pitiful among humanity around the world, although the girls that I have become friends with are reliable. Yesterday, they came over to help paint the windows and have tea, plus they will fed the cat when I head out for a holiday occasionally.

It seems like some people have the impression that I bought a house here in Bulgaria? I have not bought a house or any land, yet. I will be writing about the experience of getting this house set up, and if I will buy a house or some land here in Bulgaria in the future.

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  • Dana Tosta April 11, 2010, 8:58 am

    Shawn I am very proud of your BLOG…wow I can spend hours here 😉 Great Job and your cat is soo cute. Yes that would drive me nuts…when people "dont show up". I respect people (like me) when they can't make a commitment they speak their truth…it sounds like they want to "please" you especially being from America. Wow I am learning so much from all your dedication and hard work…photos and I SURE DO APPRECIATE your commitment to this BLOG Thanks and stay in touch! xoxox