A Positive Routine—The Meridian Clock.

Since I returned from my short excursion from Turkey, I have been easing into a positive daily routine. I am determined to maintain a positive daily routine; bad habits are easy to acquire and once a habit becomes a rut, changing can be challenging among the similar geographic location. However, this is not the case amongst my lifestyle within this non-progressive Bulgarian village. I did say to myself that if I would slide into an unwanted rut, I would seek a departure.

I have studied the meridian clock since I learnt the rotation in massage school. Understanding the meridian clock and respecting its natural flow can assist a person in their well-being.

Bulgaria switched to standard time last weekend, which I don’t mind. From 0700 to 1100, the spleen and stomach organs which relate with the wood meridian are active. It makes sense, it’s the time most people get up and break their overnight fast. Before 0700 the large intestine is active which motivates the morning elimination. The best time to wake up is between 0700 and 0800 in relation to the meridian clock.

I am the most productive in writing and website building between 0700 and 1100. I have stopped drinking black tea in the morning. I started a new hearty drink of hot milk,, honey and fresh mint, totally enjoyable.

The fire Meridian is active in relation with the heart and small intestine between 1100 and 1500. This is the best time to accomplish a task or physical labor. At 1100 I visit the local library where there is fast DSL and will be warm in the winter for one hour. The doors are shut from 1200 until 1400, so I head home and cook some lunch and will accomplish any tasks that are in need, and if I have a cup of black tea, British or Arab style, I will enjoy the tea within the time of 1200 and 1400, however, this is not a daily drink, but an occasional treat. Caffeine addiction is predominately prevalent among the world. Commonly, from observation, multitudes will awake and break their overnight fast with a cup of coffee, or unsophisticatedly, multitudes. In the morning our chemistry is vulnerable to addiction. It is a healthy benefit to have a breakfast prior to drinking a caffeine product. Foremost, during the active fire meridian is prime time to drink caffeine.

The water meridian is active that relates with the bladder and kidney meridian between 1500 and 1900. This is a natural siesta time of the day. I am sure you notice the energetic change around 1600, it is the most non-productive time of the day. Note that the water meridian is active between the active fire meridians.

At 1900 the fire meridian is active, again, until 2300. However, this time there are different organs active; the sex organs from 1900 – 2100 and the thyroid and adrenals from 2100 – 2300. Have you ever wondered why people are motivated for entertainment in the evening? Among the younger generation this inner motivation is clearly proven, although, unaware, the active sex organs and the thyroid gland are the inner cause. Is your pet actively high-spirited in the evenings, my cat is crazily playful in the evening, and he naps every day between 1400 and 1800

The daily meridian clock makes sense and generates a healthy disposition, unfortunately, though, the majority of humanity is unaware the natural rhythm of the meridians. Possibly this could explain why multitudes of people experience “a bad day”. In the morning, we eliminate and eat after fasting throughout the night. Fire is active that provides the best time to work, and then the water meridian is a natural break throughout the day. In the evening couples may have dinner, entertainment, and sex. What a perfect day!

2300 hundred is the best time to go to sleep, between 2300 and 0300 the wood meridian is active that relates to the liver and gall bladder. Partying into the early hours in the morning can be unhealthy. The reason debauchery may occur during the night with people that are drinking is that the liver is active between 0100 and 0300, and the liver relates with anger and resentment along with a host of other negative emotions.

Between 0300 and 0700, the metal meridian that relates with the lung and large intestine is active. Have you ever wondered why a large amount of people wake up around 0400? The lung meridian is active, however, the similar emotions are Dogmatically Positioned and Grief. Considering that an immense amount of humanity is Dogmatically Positioned from the falsehood the world teaches through the media and religion; there shouldn’t be a wonder why people wake up during the active lung meridian. Dogmatically Positioned negatively generates grief. In addition, that a majority of humanity smokes that effects the lung organ. Between 0500 and 0700, the large intestine organ and meridian are active. The coldest time of the night is during the hours of 0500 and 0600. The active large intestine organ preps our morning elimination of waste.

* If you experience a slothful energetic shutdown during the active fire meridian (1100-1500) this means your fire energy is imbalanced. This imbalance could be from a congested emotional reality. The fire meridian relates with large variety of negative emotions that included Lost, Abandon, absent mindedness, depleted. It could also mean your water meridian is imbalanced if you are lethargic during the fire meridian and energetic during the active water meridian.

** An over active fire meridian can lead to depletion, balance is the key.

*** Sleeping through the morning into the fire meridian can be very unhealthy. Drinking and partying into the early morning hours is extremely unhealthy; observe people that live that type of lifestyle and who sleep through the earth meridian.

Recognizing the energetic dynamics of the meridian clock of the natural human rhythm of the day can assist in well being for our human chemistry.