A Set Plan—Bulgaria.

Currently, the house-sitting is working out excellent. The puppy dog and I have cultivated a friendly relationship; I find interesting the psychology depths of the puppy dog The doggie is getting a workout each day that provides doggie naps throughout the day.

My cooking talent has changed for the better. A combination of the wood fire stove and ceramic baking pots has changed everything. This week I cooked some tomato based bean/sausge soup/stew. A pot of tomato/lental soup/stew with chili sauce. In addition to cooking another pot of bean, kebab veggie soup. Also, I am specializing in cooking fried rice; I love sesame oil. I am cooking from scratch, I might refer to a recipe as a foundation, however I am not cooking from any recipes, I find it way better to cook from scratch.

I am getting a lot of offline work done, and have created much more design work.

A new development occurred, one of the English ladies that visits at the coffee shop on Mondays mentioned she has a friend that is looking for someone to house and pet-sit two outside dogs, and one orange wing amazon parrot. When I was involved with parrot rescue in Ohio ten years ago, I took care of an orange wing for sometime.

Last Thursday, the homeowner picked me up in town and drove me to show the house, pets and the grounds. The house is among a small village ten minutes from the town of Dryanovo, which is about 20 kilometers from Tryavna. It is a very nice comfortable house; I will be house-sitting starting June 17 up to July 12, from there I will be heading to Romania unless something else happens.

After I leave this current house-sitting situation I will couch-surf with Boris’ brother for a while in the town called Hisarya, and then head back to Sofia and stay with Boris for two or three weeks before I head to the new house-sitting situation. I will visit Veliko Tarnovo and most likely Plovdiv before I house sit in June. I will avoid the Black Sea because of being touristy and everyone talks negatively concerning the area because of the tourism. Personally, the tourist industry, and how the ego relates to travel, which the majority are not even aware, makes myself ill.

At this point in my travels, the two countries I highly recommend to visit are Syria and Bulgaria.

I started to take some pictures of the area, I should have some posted soon.