A Stirring Subject of Reality.

I am heading down to the cottage to get the work done—it has stopped raining; thankfully, because I have been prepared to leave this organic weed situation. Before I even arrived, I e-mail her saying I cannot weed all day. Here at the main-house, weeding is what she wants accomplished, although she knows I am not keen on weeding, so yesterday she said that she will bring me down to the cottage today. Yesterday, I told the daughter that I will walk to the hardware store and buy a pair of gloves myself, but the owner dished out the small change and bought gloves. It is unbelievable how dysfunctional people operate.

I will offline for a while. I am getting much work down on my new Insight Website.

Observing humanity outside my own cultural upbringing is an entertaining event, and a continual astonishing wonderment. However, I observed the subject of laziness and irresponsibly within America itself on an extreme measure, I am continually observing this subject on a deeper proportion as I travel.

One aspect that I continually observe among all ages of humanity is the lack of interest to manage life on the terms that life demands. The truth is that most of humanity does not take responsibility, and is inefficient and lackadaisical connecting to the actions that life as a human requires. Responsibly acting upon our duty is crucial to inner personal happiness. A lazy, lethargic outlook upon life appends to a miserable existence. Not only do some people avoid the duty of our existence, many people struggle, harshly, to figure out how to manage and organize their lives properly according to the rules of nature and the universe. The bottom line reality is laziness, and indifference to the responsibilities of ones existence.

An uncaring attitude is a direct result of a fearful existence toward other humans. There is a vast amount of humanity live under a fearful consciousness, and their circumspection of this world is imbalanced because of dread. This type of person will not trust anybody; will not offer a warm heart because of disagreeable instances happening within their lives, though, since the person never treated their fellow citizen equitable in the first place—the vomit of the dog is upon them continually. Thus, a vicious cycle of a catch twenty-four happens, because that person continually manifests a cold, hard heart, who resorts to isolation that just intensifies their karma. The more isolation hiding behind their shuddered windows, the more fear is festered because of the media. Fear induces to isolation—isolation creates a low-self esteem and klutzy social skills—inept social skills arouse selfishness—selfishness provokes greed—the result is a miserable existence.

The television is a cancer that is dominating this world. The creation of Home, TV in the 1950s has instilled fear, laziness, a dull mind, a false sense of awareness, and a hypnotic state of emotionless, though simultaneously—a congested emotional reality that when the emotion is released—it explodes obliquely in disarray, a major paradox. Allowing our medians and emotional reality to become clogged with negativity will suppress freedom of expression—free expression is a basic universal necessity.

People that allow their-self to sink into this quagmire predicament, most likely, will just sink deeper; isolation creates incompetent social skills; isolation enhances inner anxiety; isolation is a detrimental behavior that causes a congested emotional reality. There is a time for solitude, although prolonged isolation will be damaging. For only a person of a higher level of consciousness will prolong solitude be healthy. The social inept sometimes will surround themselves with animals, because the cat, dog, or bird will prove faithful to their master who feeds their stomach. A person who attaches onto imbalanced sediments for animals or plants instead of displaying a warm heart and kindness for other people, this person is severely deluded. Thus—the person will be subjected to himself or herself to live within their own negativity of shame and to live a miserable wretched existence. Why is this the reader may be asking? The behavior operates averse to the rules of nature.

An emotional reality congested with egocentric negativity, fear can be disorganized, and their troubleshooting skills are effectively absent. This state of conscious reality becomes a cancerous, invasive pockmark upon the personality of the inner individual. The contrasting subject is an individual that continually have to socialize for fear of boredom and loneliness; never experiencing solitude because of fear of oneself, this subject is of a different trail.

Why do I write about these types of realities? Henceforth, the reader may avoid a sinkhole through wise knowledge, self-awareness, and observation.