An Al Qasr Update.

Hello everyone I have been staying in Al Qasr this last week. A very nice small town with warm hospitality. Muhammad, the guy who runs the guest house and cafe is a wonderful, warm, honest-hearted guy, and he is a wonderful cook. He cut me a great deal on my two week stay. Each day includes breakfast, dinner, (I declined lunch) sleeping and all the tea I want for only 30LE a day. I will be staying in the Dakhla Oasis (Al Qasr) until the twenty ninth. From here I will be moving on to Luxor.

This month I will have of attained my goal of making my interest, given to me from the bank, last this whole month. This was the plan from the start. This interest per-month will add to the longevity adventure – traveling as a nomad.

I will be posting pictures soon once I get on to some fast DSL in Luxor or Aswan. It has been an relaxing time here in Al Qasr, just hanging out – reading, writing, and drinking tea. I have thoroughly explored the old city, I have found it very interesting. Amazingly enough it rained for two days and even over the night. This has been a rare occurrence in this area. It has been said that not in 14 years has it rained like this. The whole area is muddy, power went out along with the water – we survived, of course. Since the old city is made of mud brick, rain is a very bad deal, I heard that a house did crumble, but it could be just talk. It has been very cold here in the Oasis at night time. The gear I brought with has proved itself over and over. My backpack is the very best, and I must say that my 13oz down jacket, which compacts very small, has been essential. If your heading out to the Oasis in the winter bring some warm clothes. Sitting in the sun on the roof, if it’s out, is a sure pleasure after freezing during the night, although I am warm sleeping under the covers – my down jacket has been the trick and covering my head, also.

Next the post will not be until I get to Luxor.