An East Bank Update.

The East Bank of Luxor is inflected with very non-relaxing energy. Basically for the tourist anything can be attained; drugs, sex, you name it and it exists. For the local population the tourism makes them sick, unless they are making their living off of the tourism. The energy of Cairo is much better then the east bank of Luxor. The lower entities are thriving in this place. Sad to see the great capital of Thebes and what it has become. It would make the Egyptians of the New Kingdom throw up.

The last couple of days I have been hanging out with a women I met at the hotel. She is from California traveling alone. She is 25, a vegetarian, and just a nice person with enjoyable energy to be around. She has a listening ear to spirituality, although depth is what matters and if a person seeks dilligently – each person is on their own path, though.

The day before yesterday we climbed this mountian which was one heck of a workout, although I am getting warmed up for Mount Sinai. We also went to the valley of the Queens and then to Deir al-Medina which the tomb pantings are beautiful. The Arab guard lets us take some pictures, we of course tipped (Backsheesh) him.

The picture above is of the Valley of the Kings, once we were up to the top of the mountain we could see over to the valley.

After the long, hard climb, we were invited in a home from a lovely ten year old girl. They offered tea, homemade bread and cheese. They were very nice people and very poor. We gave them a generous amount of backsheesh for their hospitality.

Yesterday we went and had lunch and decided to check out the Luxor Museum. The museum has been designed American style with descriptions of each item. I must say what an amazing place to visit. All the dynamic items are in the Luxor Museum. We were not able to get any pictures, although it is well worth a person’s visit.

You never know who you will meet. It’s all about the moment and subjecting oneself to Divine Direction. The giving of one’s heart, subjecting and being open to what might happen in the moment, being thankful (even for what bad might happen), having a postitive influence on others, standing and observing the badness of man as a wittness; all these behaviors brings joy and happiness into the heart. Feeding a poor, hungry person, and making them happy for a day, draws happiness into the inner heart. This aspect of life is difficult for the commom person to attain. Some people, engulfed in the darkness, will never experience these things. Consenquently, this world is very unhappy because of their selfishness, greediness and idolatry.

The female American I hung out with and I both agree, along with people from other western countries; Americans are the most fearful, ignorant people, due to the brainwashing of the media. There is ignorance in each country and different levels of ignorance. I am talking about the perception of the outside world – for the most part Americans are fearful and ignorant of the outside world. This subject comes up a lot with other travelers.