Another Day in Cairo.

I kind of missed the Egyptian Museum today. I caught a little bug from some food, it’s bound to happen. I slept in and went and got some good lentil soup and white rice and hit the pharmacy. They know just what to give you and it is very cheap. Most drugs cost $1.00. I just ran into two American women and they showed my what they have taken, they said that the pills work very fast.

There are a lot of things I am impressed about the culture. First and for most – the media in America lie. It is all a bunch of brainwashing. Each female chooses how they want to dress they are not forced. Some are fully gowned with just their eyes showing, some have a head covering which is very fashionable. Some go with out a head cover. Some girls have a scarf and the rest western clothes. The girls that have the head covering along with a matching fashionable outfit I have found to be very attractive.

Guys and girls will hold hands, girls and girls will hold hands, and, also two men will hold hands or arms in public. There is no stigma of labeling going on. Much more affection compared to the large space that the western world likes to have. Of course each area will vary as I travel around.

After I go to Alex and Swia I will be seeing all of the sites in Cairo, the pyramids and everything. Because of the noise, smoke, smog, mosquitoes, and such things I am looking forward to leaving Cairo for awhile and preparing myself for my return. I have had this planned from the start.

I am taking an Arabic class today, converting my standard, textbook, Arabic to Egyptian. Great deal at this Internet cafe, 35LE for one hour, basically $6.00.

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