Back in Bulgaria—Take Two!

village in bulgaria

I decided to nest in Bulgaria for the summer. My flight was canceled from Berlin that connects in Prague to Skopje. So I decided to jump on a train to Prague, visit for a day, and then catch the flight to Skopje. Visiting Prague for a day was plenty of time after visiting many cities a traveler can take the main part of the city very quickly, and I was satisfied. The most lovely cities I would visit, and that are economical are Budapest, Krakow, and Prague; the months of May or October would be best for lower prices.

My original plan was to stay in Orchid Macedonia at the time I booked the ultra cheap flight. However, I was thinking why not just go back to the village house where I lived for 10 months from 2009/2010, it’s free, quite, I have my own kitchen, and it is complete solitude.

Well, I am very happy with my decision, I just love it here in Bulgaria. And, this time around I have a workable toilet and a clothes washer. The family was able to install a toilet in the tool shed near the road. Also, there are 10 chickens and one hen to feed; the hen lays one egg a day.

The internet is much better also, the family purchased the USB modem with Vivacom and their service has 3G in the village.

I will be here near the end of August then heading back to prepare to Cycle North America. I am contemplating to keep this blog going, the new blog is good for the particular niche. I might post weekly flashback photos on this blog. Photos that I never posted.

Any Opinions?