Back in Greece.

Today I am back in Athens, Greece. I spent one year and three months in the Middle East, which includes Egypt and Turkey.

I am happy to have left Israel; the common Israeli person is nice, although there is a powerful, strange dark-side within the country. Combining the paranoia, and Ideology, with the wicked intention of their government—pardon my French, but Israel is one fucked up country. I have no desire to revisit Israel anytime soon.

The plan right now is to head to Crete for a while and then I will be staying on the organic farm I have set up for the month of March.

I am in no hurry to get anyplace, Eastern Europe is an open field and I will not be setting any time limits except for the visa limitations, although all countries allow a 90 day stay. However, I may not make it very far north this year, we will see.