BAR—Montenegro, But Where’s the Bars?

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I arrived in Bar in Montenegro a couple of nights ago also known as Stari Bar. There are no buses from Northern Albania to Montenegro so the traveler is forced to take a private car. The driver only charged 30 euro all the way to coastal town of Bar from Albania. The town/city of BAR seems kind of suburban, at least it has that feel. There are plentiful amount of homes that offer rooms are just north of the town near the rocky beach here in Bar. I am paying 15 Euro a night for a two room flat with a private bathroom. Most rooms along the coast into Croatia rent for 7 to 10 Euros; My experience renting a room or flat within a house is tens times better than a hotel. The hotels along the coast of Montenegro and Croatia are very expensive—budget starts at 40-50 Euro.

Post Picture is the castle hill of Stari Bar.

Hearing the name BAR among travelers and tourists induces a preconceived idea. Surprisingly, BAR is very easy going and small, walking from one end to the other can be accomplished in fifteen minutes. And, there are not many Bars here in Bar. People that haven’t visited, but have heard of “BAR” view the place as a party zone, I beg to differ.

Rocky Beaches of BAR Montenegro

The Rocky Beach

BAR represents a mix of modernity, tradition and beauty. It is an important and dynamic economic centre within Montenegro, but is also a town of rich cultural and historical tradition. With an average of 270 sunny days per year, BAR is one of the Mediterranean’s sunniest towns. The 44 kilometre-long sea coast, including over 9 kilometres of beaches, the 67 kilometre-long shore of Lake Skadar and the mountain range dividing these two large bodies of water make Bar an ideal destination for tourists who wish to relax on lovely beaches and enjoy the unspoilt environment. The Old Town is one of the world’s largest fortified archaeological sites, the castle is called Stari Bar.

rooms for rent in BAR Montenegro

The Neighborhood of the Flat

Today is a rainy day in the neighborhood, I always like a good rainy day. I found some good raw food and cooking some hot food. I will mostly be heading to Budva here in Montenegro next.

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  • travel montenegro June 22, 2010, 10:37 pm

    Last year I was in Montenegro. Really liked it. Nature is amazing and the people are friendly. In particular, suggest that the visit Budva, there are many interesting facts.

  • jon August 2, 2010, 6:04 pm

    Love the post and sounds like you don’t need any bars!