Cairo – The Third Arrival – Lower Egypt.

I have left Upper Egypt and have arrived into Lower Egypt – Cairo. How pleasant it is, I must say. Much more opened minded, educated, easy going people here in Cairo. Despite the smog and traffic, Cairo is a special place in its own way. Cairo is filled with a mix of people. Interesting enough I landed on a very good room. Last night when I arrived, after the 14 hour train ride, most hotels were full. The hotel I that I found was not worth the money.

I did some more calling around and moved into this nice budget hotel for 40LE a night. I have a nice small room with one bed (most rooms have more then one bed) a nice counter and night table with a nice dresser cabinet; then walking down the street I found a Internet cafe for only 2LE an hour, also, the hotel is right across the street from Gad, an excellent place to eat. I would try to couch-surf, although it does take energy being a guest – this time I will pass. I am planing to stay in Cairo until at least next Friday or so. When I look for a room I don’t ask for much. All I need is a garbage can, a night bed-side table, some place to put my pack, although the floor is OK. The night bed-side table is the most important.

I am happy to leave Luxor and Aswan in the dust, behind, in my memory, although I did meet some very nice people; nevertheless – the majority can rot within their want, victimization, preconceived ideas, judgments, suspicions, fear of being shamed; their hypocritical religious lifestyle, which just adds to their karma. Enslaved to the very core; programed to the core; believing an ideology which is only one small side of the picture of truth. Their listening ear is dull, the very few have a listening ear. People lie through their teeth. Due to the enslavement of the culture, there’s nothing to do: exercise, yoga, dance, writing or reading freely in public doesn’t exist, normal honest friendship with the opposite sex is taboo – the alternative health care is unheard of such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment – consequently; their emotions are stuffed within their organs and muscles, given over to their own demented minds and emotions. The result: aging at a young age, utter dissatisfaction, boredom, loneliness – television rules the family home, thus when a calamity takes place, deep grief and sorrow is present because of their deep rooted attachments because of their insecurity. Addiction is clearly manifested. Deep rooted fear controls the norm. Fear of shame is the concern, what will people think? The populace controls one another. Hence, easily threatened – culturally – regarding minor insufficient issues, strong emotion bubbles forth from within them. Freedom of expression does not exist. Pure enslavement. This does exist in Lower Egypt, just at a lesser extent.

I am of course not referring to everyone, therefore, please don’t take this as an absolute generality. I did meet a guy in Luxor who just wanted to have tea and visit. This other guy had a bad eye, he asked to buy tea and wanted to visit, he was humble enough to just come out and ask me for money because he was poor. He was the first person to manifest some humility, I respected this and helped him out. There is good and bad every where in the world. Some areas are just afflicted worse with the darkness. Each person can have their own conclusions, this is my personal experience of Upper Egypt. The lower entities have a strong hold upon the ultra traditional, uneducated, Islamic way of life. Nevertheless I did meet some very nice people, although for the more part the majority of people want money, their wants in life are unending – a bottomless pit.

I have to admit, Upper Egypt got under my skin – nevertheless staying a good length of time and experiencing the deeper levels of an enslaved cultural has been beneficial, patience is the key quality. I sometimes get the itch to move on, although staying to learn the culture creates strength within. While traveling among different cultures this will be the case once in awhile; that the cultural of the area just gets your goat. The bottom line is that Upper Egypt pissed me off, I tried everything to shrug off the anger; the only remedy was to leave the area, which the area is inflected with a powerful negative entrainment of energy. The lower entities thrive under such enslavement. I was in Upper Egypt for a whole month which was plenty amount of time, most tourists (for the most part) visit Luxor and Aswan for a week or less. During my stay I learned a lot of the deeper levels of the traditional Islamic way of life – there are positives, although there are some major negative aspects which utterly enslaves the public.

My travel plan is set for Egypt. After Cairo I will head to Port Said and see the Suez Canal.

By the way have you seen the new Apple MacBook Air? Only 3lbs and razor thin. I am very tempted, although I will wait until I get to Europe to buy one, that is if I buy a MacBook Air while on the road.

A beautiful cow if you ask me. Kind of thin though.