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Where Very Few Tourists Explore

November 11th 2007 I departed my travels that took me to 35 countries in four years. My first country was Egypt. A historic interest motivated my decision. The pyramids were not to be missed, yet I was a little prepared and nor was I aware of the extent of difficulty of traveling Egypt. Within the Read more

international shopping

Around the world within tourist locations (traps) the traveler will always experience a shop owners lined up selling their items of choice. Each country is different according to their style of selling. Most Western countries the price is a set fixed price. Most indoor malls around the world the price is fixed too. Countries such Read more

nomadic travel

When you have lived a life full of stress, doing the work given to you by your bosses and taking the responsibilities of your family, you would want to retire in peace. But staying in one place would not be such a fun thing to do. You would need to catch up with all the Read more

traveling southeast turkey

From September through November of 2008 I traveled Turkey that included the Kurdish area of the Southeast. When traveling long term you will quickly learn to consider what people say about the neighboring region, but most of the time learn that the comments were based on biased attachments. I first traveled through Antakya and Antep Read more

egyptian breakfast

One of the best Egyptian Dinners I experienced while traveling Egypt for 5 months was in The Bahariyya Oasis. I stayed at the Desert Safari Hotel and paid 35LE per night that included breakfast; Badry Khozam was one of the best hotel hosts in Egypt. The breakfast was also excellent. The main reason to visit Read more