Off the Beaten

Ismaillia: certainly not a tourist town or a town you hear much of, indeed; a town that might not even make it on the map; nevertheless, it is a town that the long term traveler may find as a paradise in its own way. Sitting upon the shores of Lake Timsah (Crocodile Lake) on the Read more

Here are some pictures of Al Qasr. The Old Ottoman Islamic village dominates the town. Extreamly well preserved with dark lurking tunnels and allyways. Old bricks of mud which the rain can destroy. A little traditional town – Islamic, poor, hosptiable, quite, and very relaxing.Al Qasr is a lazy town with a historic site. Within Read more

The sunset at Fatnas Island. Just to let you know the guy that runs the cafe is a crook charging 10 pounds for a cup of tea. Major crook.The time in Siwa has will be an unforgettable time. Very educational, relaxing, and eye opening experience, which I could write a whole chapter on. The people Read more

I thought of sharing some ideas about the Pacific Coast Highway tour here in California. For anyone going on a road trip, driving the Pacific Coast Highway can be a relaxing adventurous trip. Starting in either San Diego or San Francisco will work real well, although if you start in San Diego you can visit Read more