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Albania was the tenth country of my travels upon the departure of America on November 11 2007. Here are all the posts of my travels of Albania.


Albania has been gaining popularity as a top tourist destination. This country located in the southern parts of Europe is reinventing itself in terms of tourism. What helps is the fact that Albania allows travelers to get a glimpse of some of the best aspects of European culture, history and tradition because it hasn’t seen Read more

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Sounds strange, a town of all Men? but I asked around, and every person said, “no girls in Kruje”. There are young high school girls, but they all leave for collage and most men stay. Kruje is embedded on a mountain slope only thirty kilometers from Tirana, and was the stronghold and held out the Read more

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Tirana, the capital city of Albania is just that, cosmopolitan with a mix of people that are steering toward the western fashion and lifestyle. I visited Tirana for three nights last weekend, and there are many nice neighborhoods, and a few sites to visit. The biggest highlight for myself was going to see the Opera Anne Boleyn—with a live orchestrate, the performance was fantastic with excellent talent and heavy hitting emotional drama—infidelity, lies, grief, sorrow, and a triple guillotine—my type of Opera.

beaches of Durres albania

For two nights I decided to go slightly outside the box concerning my travel style and head for the beaches within its own “box” in Durres. The bus ride from Berat to Tirana drove by the beach hotels and through Durres. I thought to myself it would be nice to go swimming in the sea and soak up some vitamin D sun rays, yet in the shade. Durres rests on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and is a port with ferries heading to Italy. The Hotel Oaz is a great deal at only 28 Euro a night, but the price considerably increases in July and August. The swimming is wonderful in the sea and the pool. Floating is the bomb, it can teach to surrender control by fully relaxing including the stomach muscles.

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I have been in the capital city of Tirana for the last couple of days with fast wireless Internet and did take in an awesome opera last night. Tirana is an Ok capital city, there are many nice neighborhoods, but really not much to write about. I will be posting about Berat, it is a Read more

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I stayed in Sardana for three nights. Sardana is a horseshoe bay that has boats going to Corfu Greece. The house I stayed at was very comfortable and quite and up the hill from the busy areas, only 1000 lek/$9.00 a night. The family was very nice, but reserved and just unsure about the tourist/traveler Read more

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On Friday, I took the long and winding road from Korca to Gjirokaster. The ride is spectacular, if the road would be straight the ride would be 3 hours, instead it is a six hour bus ride. Gjirokaster is noted for its grand castle that was used for a prison before world war two, during Read more

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Tuesday I left Ohrid and took the bus down to the border to enter Albania. There are no buses crossing the border so I hitchhiked and caught a ride all the way to the border town of Pogradec. I only stayed one night and moved on to Korca, a town known for their own beer Read more