Bosnia & Herzegovina

traveling the balkans

When some people hear of the Balkans and former Yugoslavia they might think of war ravaged Bosnia, and many people still view the Balkans as unsafe. From first hand personal experience traveling the Balkans is a wonderful experience that will not damage your pocket book compared to northern Europe. The very word of Balkans may Read more

train traveling bosnia to croatia

A quick update: I departed Sarajevo after six weeks renting the flat paying 300 euros that averages to $7 euro a night. Today I am Zagreb after a 10 hour overnight train ride, but I did have my own berth with a bench allowed some sleep. This last month I accumulated several web design clients Read more

tossed green mixed cabbage and beet salad

Living in Sarajevo seems to be an OK place, I could stay longer, but located in a valley the city gets cold winters, but pleasant summers. The above salad I created with the tool below that I bought for $2.00, this little tool is the ultimate to build a nice shredded salad and extremely mobile Read more

national museum belgrade

I arrived back in Sarajevo to rent the flat from Belgrade, and I must say what a wonderful comfortable place. Another situation working out excellent for both parties. Zoe, the lady of the house is from Turkey originally, but has lived here in Sarajevo for a few years. I am really going to enjoy this Read more

banja luka bosina serbian

Today I am visiting Banja Luka which is the capital of the Republika Srpska. There are two entities of Bosnia but three Presidents. The Republika Srpska is the predominantly Serb areas of Bosnia located in the northwest and northeast hugging Serbia and Croatia. The concentration camps and the genocide that you heard on the news Read more

Jajce and the Waterfalls, A Short History and the Weather Report. post image

The top nature attraction of Jajce is its beautiful waterfalls, fortress, and its river lined parks. In 2006 Jajce was nominated to be listed as a UNESCO heritage site. If and when Jajce makes the list, this beautiful town may experience more common holiday-makers. The 21 meter waterfall was the height of 30 meters, but Read more

international homestay, home cooking, meat and potatoes

My wonderful homestay here in Mostar is coming to a satisfying close. The most valuable long term travel resources are house sitting, renting a room or an apartment, and staying in a home of a local that can also include Couchsurfing. The lady I met at the bus station provides an ultra comfortable home that can sleep up to six people. She was kind enough to wash my clothes and iron them, and cook a couple of hearty meals. International homestay situations such as in Ohird Macedonia, and here in Mostar provide an introspection of the local cultural

moster, bosnia, nice bosnian girls

I departed rainy Sarajevo by bus down to gaze in awe at the beautiful landscape down to hot sunny Mostar. The Balkans continually bedazzles with its ultra enchanting mountains, canyons, lakes, and rivers. The most predominant attribute is that the females are approachable, intelligent, and will converse within a normal relaxed fashion. I am really enjoying the energy and disposition of the girls here in Bosnia.

old town sarajevo

As grey clouds and rain dominate Sarajevo the time here is an eye opener to what life was like during the siege that happened for over three years. Sarajevo is an interesting city to visit. There are many American tourists/vacationers; it is interesting where groups of Americans visit. My tentative plans changed slightly. I’ve been contemplating when would be the best time to travel the country.