The Archives of Traveling and Nesting in Bulgaria

Old man winter is behind us here in Bulgaria. The last few days have been pleasantly warm, and I am starting some needed spring clean up.I ate my last Pomegranate in February and now dreaming of October. It is a toss up, because October/November brings the winter, but also the harvest of the lushes juicy Read more

So a little slow going with this blog lately, I have been very busy on my other sites and new blog. My websites will be all set up by the time I leave Bulgaria so I can just research and blog. If a person has an interest of what really is going on according to Read more

So all the snow you see in the bottom pictures has melted and the sun is out. That means I accomplished washing some laundry and there is at least three meters more water in the well. It is very nice to get such warm breaks from the cold weather. I can say that winter is Read more

Well, we got slammed with snow, what a head rush. The last time I remember snow like this is before I moved from Minneapolis in 1994. The last day in October 1993 Minneapolis received over thirty inches of snow, and one month later another twenty five inches. Here in Bulgaria the snow level is close Read more

The snow is coming down quite heavy these last two days. The snow we had prior melted and now fresh new white semi-wet snow landed. I have always liked snow days, just based on a change of lifestyle from the summer.This is my neighbor, he let me use his big homemade shovel. He is kind Read more

Winter has set-in, it took awhile, November and December were unseasonably warm. It snowed two weeks receiving a few inches and it decided to stick around it is very cold. I never new that Bulgaria got this cold, even so, it is not as cold as the upper mid-west in America.The cold weather can make Read more

On Friday I drove to Sofia to upgrade my Mac with more memory including a run to the Serbian Border for a new Bulgarian visa. Extremely hassle free as long as you have the green card for the auto insurance. Interesting enough, neither side asked for my drivers license. So, I am set until April Read more

The subject of the weather seems to always crop up into a conversation, within some situations it may be the only subject people talk about.Consciousness in itself views everything as beautiful. The personal view will depend on our level of consciousness.The village went a little nuts with the fireworks over New Years. The kids are Read more

Well, I finally took the giant leap and made it past the learning curve for Wordpress, it took awhile, the two blogging platforms are completely different. Not only am I understanding Wordpress, I am using the Thesis theme, and I can say I am very pleased. I have been working hard at figuring this stuff Read more