The Coast of Highway One in California. post image

The coastal area of highway one between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay in California is a fifty mile stretch of beautiful coast land. It’s an area of serene peacefulness. Spending a night on the beach is a wonderful experience on the coast of California, the sound of the waves is one of the most Read more

Tonight I am in San Francisco. I took public transportation all the way from Santa Cruz which proved to be an interesting experience in itself. I know one thing I will be getting in very good shape with carrying my backpack around. Arriving on the BART into downtown San Francisco was a rush in itself Read more

Just to let you all know, who ever might be in the area to visit the springs; starting this month they have a deal, if you stay one night you get the next free. Only Sunday through Thursday from now until April. They just started this deal this year.Very nice surprise, I got two nights Read more

Sierra Hot Springs is my favorite place in California. They do have a small room of dorm beds in the main lodge or very nice private rooms, there are three shared bathrooms for the whole lodge. If a person can not get a room at the main lodge, the historic Globe Hotel is available in Read more

Here is a picture of Minneapolis, taken from Fort Snelling, south of the city on the Mississippi river.I am at Sierra Hot Springs and on my last leg of transition before I leave the country. Everything has been going great. I flew in from Minneapolis Monday night and drove to Sacramento and stayed for two Read more

I have been having a real good time in Minneapolis. Much of it has changed from the time I move in 1994. Lots of new buildings and such things, but of course there are a few things that haven’t changed. Minneapolis does have a lot to offer, theater, music, dance, within the area of the Read more

Life is like a deck of cards, you never know what will be dealt, or is it like a box of chocolates? So far starting out has been better then expected here in the USA. The first two nights at Pigeon Point I was in the dorm myself. Out here at the Yosemite Bug, the Read more

The Yosemite Bug is an amazing place to stay for $15.00 a night. It’s a whole resort. They have a serving kitchen-bar lounge room. There are many private rooms and also tent cabins. The private rooms range from $55 and on up and the tent cabins range from $35 and on up. Although the dorm Read more

The day has arrived and everything I own is in my truck which isn’t much. I am off to a great start, at Pigeon Point I am in the dorm by myself, it’s wonderful for my first two nights.If anyone asks “what do I do”? Answer – I’m retired. I am now a traveling nomad Read more