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The pictures are of the bay of Patra, a beautiful area of Greece.A change in events, I left the cottage situation. The primary reason is that the irresponsible, miserable owner would not provide me with safety goggles to shred the olive branches. Contemplating that she did not want to buy work gloves until I said Read more

I am heading down to the cottage to get the work done—it has stopped raining; thankfully, because I have been prepared to leave this organic weed situation. Before I even arrived, I e-mail her saying I cannot weed all day. Here at the main-house, weeding is what she wants accomplished, although she knows I am Read more

The dysfunction of this family is deep into the abyss. Every little issue becomes a dramatic situation. They don’t even have the proper tools. The compost area is like a landfill with material that wont break down. The owner doesn’t even have a pair a work gloves for the helper, although I said I would Read more

This is a long post consisting of the last four days and the consecutive events up to today at the organic farm.This portion was written March 3I arrived on the farm on Wednesday afternoon; I did take the train, which is longer than the bus, although, the coastal ride is spectacular. The Northern coast of Read more

I am back in Athens from visiting Crete, and will be heading to the Organic farm in Northwest Peloponnese; if everything is amiable at the farm, I will stay for the month of March. I could have stayed much longer on Crete, although I don’t think I will be back in April, the overnight travel Read more

A person cannot help to appreciate a little colorized humor. The weather report arrived on the TV while I was at the coffee shop and we all got a great laugh.The Greeks have a great sense of humor that blends with my personal sense of humor, each culture is different. I have to admit, the Read more

On Sunday after a rainy and cold morning the clouds subsided and the Sun shined down on Iraklion. The water at the hostel became hot, and I showered and shaved. The notion about life is….if you’re cold, and in need of a shower—the weather is wet and hampering the hot water (in many places the Read more

Today I decided to stay in Iraklion to visit Knossos, and few other sites. once I go West I will not travel back to Iraklion because I can catch the ferry from Hania back to Athens. The pictures posted correlate with the first three pictures post on my Photostream at Flickr. I took the boat Read more

Back in December, the riots in Athens started because a police officer killed a juvenile. However, this incident tipped off the cover of the cooker that accumulated over time because of the fascist tactics of the police. Today, everything is calm, although the tension and bitterness of the public toward the police are easily noticeable Read more