I arrived in Aqaba Jordan April 21st 2008 by boat from Egypt. I stayed in Aqaba for two nights at the Jordan Flower Hotel for 10JD a night. From Aqaba I took a bus to Wadi Musa (Petra) and stayed at the Orient Gate Hotel for 10JD a night, which I don’t recommend this hotel Read more

Umm Qais rests in the northwest corner of Jordan, a area with spectacular views of The Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. The site of Umm Qais is the site of a Roman City and an Ottoman-era village. It’s said, that in this area is where Jesus healed the two men that were lepers Read more

Jerash, the second most visited site in Jordan, is a momentous site of history. Jerash was a major settlement and city during the Roman period. This area of Jordan has been inhabited by humans for the last 6500 years because of its idea location, and a water supply all year long. After the conquest of Read more

Irbid is the second largest town in Jordan and the most northern; it is a good place to base yourself to visit the northern sites such as Jerash. My plan is to take a bus to Jerash and to Aijun tomorrow. In Aijun there is an impressive castle, built by the Arabs, during the Crusader Read more

The area of Amman that was first inhabited was of the Ammonites which was descendants of Lot and his Daughter. Rabbath-Ammon was the powerful capital of the Ammonites which was on one of the highest hills just up from the city center of Amman. During the Roman period Amman was called Philadelphia, and was also Read more

An Update: I am planning on heading north to Irbid tomorrow. For now it looks like Lebanon is out. It sure is strange how they start having problems right when the travel season is starting. If you take notice they always seem to have problems at the time when tourism is at its height. I Read more

The Capital of Jordan with a population of about 2 million people, I have found it to be very diverse. With a city center on the poorer level and the same old type of infrastructure, along with the west side of Amman to be a complete contrast with designer clothing stores, all the fast food Read more

I arrived yesterday in Amman by bus and gradually found the city center. Amman is certainly a city that has a major modern side, along with a conservative, poor side. Although, there is no comparison to Cairo. Amman is very clean without any smog. Couch-surfing really is a special provision. There are parts of Amman Read more

Today I will be heading to Amman. I do have a couch-surfing situation set up for three nights. Surprising enough, the person won’t even be in the house, so I will have to house to myself. I am just going to take it easy and rest up from traveling so fast, it has been a Read more