visit bitola macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a newly independent state, gaining its independence from Yugoslavia in the year 1991. It is located in the Balkan peninsular. The country of Macedonia is quite vast and is a wonderful challenge to take up if you consider yourself to be an avid explorer! It is home to the elusive Read more


The clock tower in Bitola is the pride of the people. It was first built in 1664 but got its present appearance in the 19th century, and is 30 meters high.Bitola is a lively town that boasts the most beautiful architecture in Macedonia. Over shadowed by Ohrid, but recognized as a lovely town that has Read more

Today I am in Bitola, a charming town, I will have a post up soon. I got a great deal on the hotel, regular 35 Euro, I got it for 15 Euro, I am staying two or three nights.Traveling Macedonia is very pleasant, I am surprised that more travelers don’t visit this region of the Read more

I decided to visit a small town south of Skopje called Negotino here in Macedonia just east of Prilep on the map. It isn’t a place travelers visit; there is only two hotels in town, but in the summer there resides a big pool that people from around the country visit on their holiday.The hotel Read more

The river below the Old Stone Bridge Divides the City of Skopje.I arrived in Macedonia for a rainy and cold introduction. Skopje feels much smaller than Sofia and there are no trams; Sofia could be considered the tram-city. The border of Bulgaria and Macedonia was freezing being so high in the mountains.Rapping everything up worked Read more

So I decided to head to Macedonia and continue with the original tentative plan. Originally I was going to travel through Bulgaria to Romania, and back down through Serbia to Macedonia and then up the coast to Bosnia, but decided to stay in Bulgaria for 395 days. Today I am in Skopje, I might head Read more