I have left Lebanon, I needed to wait for a visa again at the border of Syria, a painless three hour wait, there were many other Americans there waiting, too. From the border I took a micro-bus to Damascus because it was so late I decided to stay, I am renting a room in a Read more

Shutterfly has been updated with the remaining Pictures from Syria. I traveled Syria for one complete month. I entered Syria from the Border of Jordan May 19th; receiving a visa at the land border that took two hours, only.I took a service taxi from Irbid in Jordan to the border; from the border, I took Read more

Taking the excursion out to an area where the road goes nowhere is always a worthwhile occasion. Emperor Justinian of the Byzantine Empire, in the mid sixth century, erected Qasr ibn Wardan. The fortress was a combination of a church, a palace, and a military base. Hence, from the appearance a person would never think Read more

Quick Note: Today I am heading to Tripoli for one night. I will be in Beirut on Saturday. I have a few more posts that will be loaded regarding some places of Syria. Blogger offers an option that allows the user to schedule posts that load automatically. I find the option very convenient.The Norias of Read more

Here are some pictures that I took when visiting the Arab Castle in Palmyra. I went to visit the castle with a couple from Iceland. A taxi ride was necessary up to the castle – we split the cost. We arrived at the correct time, because an hour later, a small sandstorm began and the Read more

The Temple of Bel is the largest temple area I have viewed since Karnak, although there is no comparison, Karnak in Egypt outweighs all other temples due to its immense size. The name of Bel is another name for Baal, just a shorten version. The name Bel was used among the gods of Babylon, and Read more

Taking an excursion to the most eastern area of Syria has been very absorbing. Without a question, the Euphrates River is essential to this area of the Syrian Desert. Upon arrival into to town, the road ended up in a fog, although, the substance was not fog it was sand dust. The visibility was about Read more

Today I am leaving Aleppo for Deir Er-Zur, I decided not to stop in Raqqa, – the sites in that area are very difficult travel to. From Deir Er-Zur I am hopping to visit Dura Europos and maybe Mari, both sites are close to the border of Iraq.The French people I have been couch-surfing are Read more

I arrived in Aleppo Friday evening by train. At the train station, I met a few guys that were attending the university in Lattakia, I ended up sitting with them, and we had some good conversations. The subject of politics was short, although, there are many subjects that we conversed about in depth. Lattakia is Read more