The Castle of Marqab is the third crusader castle on the circuit of the Syrian coast. Strategically positioned to control the coast during the crusader and Mamluk era, the castle was in view for communication purposes with Salah ad-Din. According to T.E. Lawrence – Marqab combined ‘all the best of the Latin fortifications of the Read more

The Castle of Salah ad-Din, bears unique witness to the building of defense systems during the Byzantine, Crusader, and Mamluk eras. Surrounded my two deep wadis and the eastern road which use to be a moat; The Salah ad-Din Castle was an ideal fortress that moved T.E. Lawrence to write, ‘It was I think the Read more

All of the pictures posted are of items from the National Museum in Damascus.Today, I arrived in Lattakia by bus, only an hour’s ride from Tartus. The bus system is quite decent here in Syria. I will be taking the train to Aleppo, most likely on Friday or Saturday, because it is recommended in the Read more

I just uploaded many pictures on shutterfly.My stay in Tartus has been very interesting. I noticed that there is some strange energy here. It feels very controlled. Finding someone to get into a meaningful conversation has proved to be impossible, compared to Egypt. Indeed, people do not seem happy, there are no smiles on people Read more

Here’s a few pictures of the Mosque I mentioned before that dates back to the eighth century. The atmosphere of a Mosque is kind of relaxing. There isn’t any Idolatry within the building, except for a few Mosques, which has a shrine of a tomb, regarding someone from Islamic history. I will be heading out Read more

Borsa, a small town, is located about 100km south of Damascus. Indeed, the Roman theater is one of the best-preserved theaters I have visited, and possibly the best in existence. An Arab fortress encompasses the theater with a Mott serving as a defense. The Old Roman Town was constructed of black basalt rock. It is Read more

Greetings everyone, I am still in Damascus, I’ve been having a good time. Damascus is a very social, relaxed city. I met a woman from New Zealand; she is here in Damascus learning Arabic for three weeks. I hooked her up to rent a room in the flat where I am staying. There are five Read more

For the last few days, I have just been hanging out around the neighborhood, not doing all that much. The person I met (Yansen) who plays music in the picture in the prior post is Kurdish. The other day I gave him a call and went to his house. He and his brother invited a Read more

Several developments have happened lately. First, I have moved into my peaceful, quite, comfortable room with a kitchen, hot water, and a washing machine. Here in Damascus it is very easy to find a room in a flat. I was offered a room in the old city from a guy who invited me into his Read more