Contemplation #2—Rumi.

Someone said: “I have neglected that true purpose.”
Rumi replied: When this thought enters a person’s mind and they criticize themself, saying, “What am I about, why do I do those things?” When this happens it is sure proof that God loves them, and cares for them. “Love continues so long as reprimands continue,” said the poet. We may reprimand our friends, but we never reprimand a stranger. Now there are levels of reprimand. When a person is stung by it and sees the truth in it, that is a sign that God loves them and cares for them. But if the reprimand flies by that person without causing any pain at all, then this is no sign of love…..Therefore, as long as you find pain and regret within yourself, that is proof of God’s love and guidance.

All evil qualities—oppression, hatred, envy, greed, mercilessness, pride—when they are within yourself, they bring no pain. When you wee them in another then you shy away and feel the pain. We feel no disgust at our own scab and abscess. Evil qualities are just like scabs and abscesses; when they are within us they cause no pain, but when we see them even to a small degree in another, then we feel pain and disgust.The pain you feel comes from those faults, and they see the same faults. The seeker of truth is a mirror for their neighbors. But those who cannot fee the sting of truth are not mirrors to anyone but themselves.
—The Selections From Discourses of Rumi.

Pain exists for a purpose, the children of the light are destined to experience pain within their lives. There are many different manifestations of pain: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Pain, discomfort, or disagreeable incidents, has the power to discipline, teach and reprove. The children of the darkness experience the easy path of negativity, although negativity is abundant and enmeshed, instant gratification is around the corner. A painless life ends up in the shame, sorrowfulness, and disappointment of the darkness.

The painful life has its destiny in peace and joy within the light. Accepting personal pain, and striving to attain the state of mind of indifference toward pain, brings secret spiritual blessings. Pain is evidence the love of the Divine upon the children of the light.