Contemplation #3—Rumi.

God has set a seal their ears and eyes and hearts. Their eyes see thins that are the opposite of what they are; they hear wisdom as gibberish and raving. Their hearts have been transformed into a home of self-love and vanity. A winter’s tangle of dark shapes and pride has possessed them. Their hearts are hardened with ice and frost.

“God has set a seal on their hearts And their hearing, And on their eyes is a covering.

How likely is it that such people could be full of these true words? They have never caught so much as a whiff of them. They have never tasted a drop in all their lives—neither they nor those they worship, nor their miserable household. God shows a pitcher to everyone. To some it shows the pitcher full of water, and they drink until they are sated. But to some God shows it empty. What thanks can someone give for an empty pitcher? Only those, whom God shows the pitcher full, find thanks for this gift.

Rumi, who lived at a higher level of consciousness, could observe the disbelief of the populace, despite their faith in the religion of Islam. For the majorities, emptiness of spirituality is offered. The hospitality of the Divine Source is aloof and ambiguous that causes disbelief. Nowadays, disbelief is like the plague, and the dominating dogma of religion is the cause. The Idolatry of the world religions, and cultivation of selfishness, results in separateness of Divine intimacy. Consequently, the eyes of the populace are blinded, unable to understand the deeper context of truth. The world religions teach a dogma of a different context; the deeper context of truth is lost among the world of religion.

The majorities of the populace are blissful within their ignorance. Humanity does not want to know the destiny of this world—fear dominates. The Divine Source is a Paradox, setting the destiny for each person—few people (compared to the population of humanity) will attain a higher-level consciousness. Consequently, because of the Idolatry—a vale, or seal, is covering the eyes, ears, and hearts, of humanity from the truth—a paradox.