Couch-Surfing – Maadi

I moved to the Maadi area of Cairo. What a change I must say. This area is one of the richest areas of Cairo. Many foreigners, and high priced housing. Some apartments are rented out for $3000, that’s dollars, not pounds. Green trees, lawns, very nice landscaping for Cairo. There are American, Italian, Chinese type of restaurants. The Green Mill, Dominoes, and other such surprising places to eat. Many of the villas or houses range up to, and over, a million dollars.

I have found to be a major head-rush compared to other parts of Cairo. Walking down the streets in Maadi ( that is Ma-dee) is very pleasant, quite, and green. The guy that I am couch-surfing with has lived here for the last sixteen years. Very nice, hospitable guy from England who lives in a very nice flat. So nice – I forget I’m in Cairo, feels more like Europe. He gave me a key so I can come and go as I please and the area is not to far from the Metro. is the way to go, I recommend for you to check out the site. You can also be a host if your situation would provide. Peter offered soup and stir fry upon my arrival. We talked about my plans and he is OK if I stay until January 2nd. He also showed me around the neighborhood. There are many Americans living in the Maadi area. This apartment I am staying in is on the eleventh floor; across the busy road, which is the border of the area, is a large prison. There is crime in Cairo, although it is just kept hidden, most is on a domestic level. Couch-Surfing will be a valuable resource on my travels, certainly it provides a nice break from staying in a hotel. The shower in the apartment has strong water pressure, I am staying in luxury.

On January 2nd I will be leaving Cairo and heading to the central valley oasis, starting with Bayariyya, I know I will want to take a safari out to the white desert, I was given an good contact from an American guy I ran into at the hotel for a safari. The white desert is a very beautiful area.

Here in Cairo I will being doing a few things yet. I will be going down to Saqqara, Memphis, and Dashur to finish off the sites of the old kingdom. I will be hitting the big market square and such things in Cairo. Sunday or Monday I will be going to the Syrian Embassy to see if I can get a visa for after I get through Jordan.

Regarding the Pyramids at Giza, I am dumbfounded on how they did it. The iron age didn’t come around until 1200 B.C.E. even if they made pulleys out of bronze or copper, I highly doubt that type of metal would hold up with the weight of the stones. How about if they were able to make high wooden cross beams supported by wood poles and use strong rope to raise the stones. I admit, a major wonder indeed. I also might go to the Museum for a second time.

Yesterday was the big feast. The Muslims that can afford it sacrifice goats, sheep, lambs, and cows in the street; the family keeps one third and give one third to other family if they are poor and the rest to the poor which are strangers. This holiday will go through Saturday. Sunday everyone will be back to work. I went on a Nile cruse on a sail boat with my female friend the other day, I will post some pictures of that real soon.