Excellent Cuisine—Konya!

Yesterday I arrived in Konya enjoying some excellent cuisine. I met a nice guy from Belgian that travels a month at a time to different locations. He traveled Iran and loved it, and interesting enough, visited Somalia aside from other locations.

Taking the tram into town from the bus station, I met a very beautiful Turkish girl, she didn’t speak any English, however, I did say hello and introduced myself. One thing about a Muslim woman, I am convinced that they would make a very good wife and are very good at mothering children. Although, marrying a woman from a traditional culture includes the family. I am meant to live single, but it is just the concept. I have had plenty of opportunities to pursue a relationship with an interested onlooker of the Arab and Turkish cultures. The Muslim women are very loyal, and dedicated in marriage, except for a beauty loss as the age increases and possible weight gain. In contrast, the Eastern European women who can retain their completion as the age increases.

My perception in regards to travel has changed, although it has almost been two years since I departed America; the charm and drive wears off unless a person is trying to become popular or make money from traveling and blogging. This winter I will contemplate the best alternative direction to pursue. The biggest dilemma while traveling is my digestion; my digestion suffers because I am used to eating home cooked fresh food. Also, my writing suffers; this last month at the Bulgarian nest I accomplished much writing, and truly enjoy writing on a spiritual level. To effectively write within a spiritual level requires solitude, a daily routine, a quiet atmosphere. Actively traveling can be energetically depleting, and an exhausted chemistry inhibits effective cogitative thinking and writing.

I am contemplating on a lifestyle/traveling idea that might seem a little out of the ordinary, I will write in more detail this winter.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Istanbul and will be back in Bulgaria soon. I am looking forward to seeing my cat, if he survived the ordeal of staying outside, the girls in the village (I bought gifts for them) and cooking some lentils, rice and oats. The food in Koyna is the best in Turkey, however, to much meat. I am bringing an assortment of seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) and lots apple tea including some Turkish black tea back for the winter. The apple tea might have sugar, but no caffeine.