Finding the Perfect Hotel

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If you’re planning a city break in one of the great tourist cities of the world, the most important thing is to get the right deal on a hotel. For many people, this means hunting for the cheapest deals, but in cities like London or Paris, with literally thousands of hotels to choose from, price alone isn’t going to help you find the perfect place.

Additionally, dedicated websites like Millennium Hotels can help you find really great deals just about anywhere, so you shouldn’t discount Mayfair hotels simply on the basis that they’re in Mayfair, and therefore will be expensive.

So, first of all, narrow down an area where you want to stay, are you looking for easy transport connections? Are you looking to spend some time outside of the city? Do you want good nightlife in easy access of your hotel? Or would you prefer to spend your time near somewhere a little more green?

Once you’ve decided what kind of area you’d like to stay in (and it should really be a snappy decision, go on gut instinct) then you can start narrowing down your search. When looking in London, a good idea is to have a thorough look at a transport map, these sorts of maps are great because they don’t just include the tube, and few people who live outside London realise just how good the overland rail connections are right into the heart of the capital.

At this point, you’ll need to head for the internet and start getting some idea as to what you can get for your budget. You should have narrowed your interests down to a few general areas, and the next step is finding a hotel that meets your price bracket.

Another good tip for a city break is to split your stay across a couple of hotels (if you can), particularly in a city like London where the top hotels can be a little expensive. Stay somewhere a bit cheaper for the majority of your stay and treat yourself for one night to something really special.

Finally, if you still can’t decide where to stay, take a look at the hotel’s deals on airport transfers. Some hotels (and even hostels) will have a dedicated service to get you to and from London’s airports, so it’s always worth asking.