From Budapest to Slovakia to Poland

bratislava slovakia

Today I am in Krakow after a couple of train rides from Slovakia. I departed out of Budapest to Bratislava taking the train for 2.5 hours about five days ago. Bratislava is a midsize old communistic city that all locals in Slovakia dislike, at least according to everyone that I asked. I stayed a pleasant hostel where I met some nice people including a very nice local girl.

trencin slovakia

The Castle of Trencin in Slovakia

From Bratislava I visited a small charming town with a tall castle called Trencin. An easy going town, and refreshing, after doing some city hopping, visiting big cities and staying in hostels can energetically drain the traveler quickly, yet here in Europe the common style of travel is city hopping. From Trencin I took the train to Zilina connecting on the train to Krakow.

illuminati eye within christianity

The Illuminati All Seeing Eye hovers a Christian Church

The hostel I am staying at in Krakow is very nice with a spacious clean kitchen and super quite, currently sharing a four bunk room with a guy from Finland. A couple of weeks ago a contacted some couchsurfers and one guy is renting me a room for two weeks, I guess the house will be empty after tomorrow—I am arriving at the house on Sunday.

charming town in Slovakia

The town center of Trencin in Slovakia

So a couple of weeks in Krakow and then I will travel Poland for the month of October and make my way to Germany. I will be leaving the region in November.

Travel Route from Budapest to Krakow

Travel Route from Budapest to Krakow