Gaza Continued—Heading to Nahariya.

While the bombing in Gaza continues into the second week, the Muslim world is outraged and the IDF resolves to achieve there objective of ridding the dilemma of Hamas. Updated 2/15/2009, as you can see Israel did not topple Hamas. Israel does not have a solution to the problem that they created by cutting off the funds and creating the stifling blockade. Most Israelis will justify the cutting off of funds claiming corruption. 

A few aspects that you may not hear in the news, before the IDF bombs a building, or an area, they send leaflets from helicopters warning the people about the bombing. The problem is that many civilians of Gaza don’t have any place to hide, the area is densely populated. In addition, Hamas will hide within the public, along with firing rockets among densely populated areas. Israel can only bomb women and children because if they send in the infantry the Israeli boys will come back dead. During the war with Hezbollah in 2006, Hezbollah would stage and fire their rockets among the civilians, the IDF would spot the area and fire artillery to destroy the rockets—civilians are caught between opponents. Another characteristic of the Arabs is that they don’t skillfully manage staying at home because of boredom, the effect of not listening to warnings, and walking the streets during warfare are absurd. Both sides are messed up, although Israel do use weapons of mass destruction that kills women and children. 

The Muslim world is fascinating—their deep belief is if they’re attacked, they are obligated to counterattack. Indeed, they cannot understand that Israel is counter attacking the rocket attacks of Hamas. Hamas has dominated Gaza for eighteen months; during this time, 5,500 rockets have been fired into Israel. Hamas fiercely gained control of Gaza with killing and brutalizing members of Fatah—the two political entities abhor each other to the point of murder. Both sides of Hamas and Israel are corrupted.

About 326 people left Gaza that holds passports of other countries yesterday—meanwhile the blockade continues that prevents supplies to enter Gaza. The question must be asked: why does Hamas continue shooting rockets into Israel? Obviously, the leaders of Hamas do not care about the people of Gaza. The media—along with the world leaders—define, redefine, and obscure the context of an act of war. Israel is counter-attacking an attack along with self-defending. Any country would counterattack including the Muslims. Even if Israel would shoot back rockets into Gaza, instead of bombing, they would still be criticized, a tit-for-tat would not satisfy third party onlookers.

The West Bank is in an uproar over the bombing and death toll of Gaza, although the security wall/fence keeps the populace of the West Bank from penetrating Israel. The security wall is an issue, although with two sides to the story. I will write latter about the wall.

Tomorrow I am heading to Nahariya to stay with the sister of the family for a week or longer.

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