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Please take notice of the new poll I posted on the right side bar, just wondering, what is your interest in traveling to Egypt?

Today I went to the Khan Al Khalili in the old Islamic area of Cairo with my female friend. Very interesting area. The Khan Al Khalili is a giant outdoor markets area of small narrow streets. An incredible area. I will be going back to do some more exploring. Lots of Mosques in the area. Time is flying, only one more week until I move on from Cairo. I could stay another month, although it will be time to move on. Today does not feel like Christmas that’s for sure.

Couple of tad bits about Egypt. If your using the Metro in Cairo during rush-hour, you don’t have to worry about holding on to a railing due to the fact that they are packed at this time of day, the other bodies will hold you up. If your a western women you can use the women only cars in the front of the train – the first two cars are women only. The Women also go ahead of the line at the train station.

If your an American don’t tell people your from Canada. Egyptians like Americans; they do realize that the American people are good, friendly, nice people despite the the bad government which has existed the last seven years. If traveling to the middle east don’t listen to anyone who tells you how dangerous it might be; it is not true. People that have never been here don’t know what they are talking about. All they know is what the media tells them.

The people out here are not dumb. They know that Americans are ignorant regarding the outside world. They know despite what way a government might act in the world – the people are separate from these things. Egyptians like many aspects of American ways. I just ran into a guy that loves country music from America – Johnny Cash and Walk the Line.

Why the media is continually brainwashing the west is beyond me. Many people have questioned me about this. I do know what to say and I explain the depths of the problem. I always run into a good conversation with someone who speaks good English.

People I talked to at the gym in California said many things. Like I could be killed and they thought I was nuts, and I should say I am from Canada. Foolishness, people talking about such things without ever visiting a place themselves. Don’t listen to anyone unless they have visited the place your planning to visit.

When shopping for under-garments or pajamas in Egypt is not like shopping in an American mall. I did go to a mall, although everything your looking for is behind the counter and there is a women behind the counter ready to help you out. They pull from the shelve what you might want to buy, take it out of the box and show it to you. Within some shops the process is you pick out what you want, they give you the bill then you go pay for it, you take back the receipt to the counter and hand it to the person and they give you what you bought.

Learn some Arabic and you will have everyone laughing. There is a certain type of humor out here. I have people laughing all the time. Breaking the ice with a good laugh is always the best.

I met several people that Cairo got the best of them, many left early for another place, or couldn’t wait to get back home. I kind of knew this before I left, that is way I made my way out to Siwa. At this point in time I am have a great time. Play the game and have a good time – don’t forget to say “no problem” by using there accent.

By the way don’t eat any lettuce in Egypt. One month in Cairo might take a year off of your life because of the smog, no big deal what’s a year anyway. If your really concerned about hygiene such as if they might wash the tea glass well – you best just stay at home.

I am convinced, all the Arab world needs is a Arabic Jerry Garcia, and a band like The Grateful Dead; this whole culture would change – lets get Truckin with Bertha and Samson and Delila.

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