Left the Household Situation.

The day has arrived and everything I own is in my truck which isn’t much. I am off to a great start, at Pigeon Point I am in the dorm by myself, it’s wonderful for my first two nights.

If anyone asks “what do I do”? Answer – I’m retired. I am now a traveling nomad.

Heading to Yosemite tomorrow, I should have some nice pictures posted from the valley. I will be posting a hostel review of the hostel which is twenty miles outside the park. I am paying only $15 a night for a dorm bed.

Working and living at home has been wonderful for the past six years. Basically I have not even had to pay any rent in Santa Cruz since August of 2000. Sounds strange but true. This particular situation I left, I lived there since March of 2004. It feels great to leave, I have waited a long time to move on.

The farewells are difficult, saying goodbye to my very close friends, although it’s just a part of life.