Lovely Nuweiba!

Like I have said before, last but not the least; Nuweiba is very nice place with very few tourists, its great. This area use to be packed with Israeli tourists, although since the time of the intifada, the Israeli’s stopped coming to Nuweiba. Tarabin is the area with all the camps, but nowadays it’s like a ghost town. Perfect for the long term traveler, just what I was looking for.

Completely different energy than Dahab. There is something about Dahab I really didn’t like. The energy seems way more stressful, both arrivals in Dahab my digestion was affected, for myself that is always a clear sign that the energy doesn’t mix with my spirit. The snorkeling was absolutely amazing, though.

I will be hanging out here in Nuweiba for awhile, it is very nice and easy going without any tourist trouts bothering people. The sea down here is also beautiful with turquoise water edged by fine sandy beaches, with the rugged mountains of Sinai in the background.

Moving on from Egypt will be nice and I am looking forward to it. Of course I am looking forward to visiting Petra, one of the modern wonders of the world. If your wondering what the new wonders of the world are you can find out at this link.

I met a very nice women from Israel when I was at the Fox camp in St Katherines, she invited my to her home when I get to Israel, we exchanged information. I was talking to a women today at the camp, where I am staying, her parents are Palestinian, although raised in Canada; she said that if my passport is stamp in Lebanon and Syria, that Israel might not let the person in. She is having a hard time getting in. Once I am in Amman I will decided where I should go from Jordan.

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