Macedonia – A Perfect Blend of Nature and Culture

visit bitola macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a newly independent state, gaining its independence from Yugoslavia in the year 1991. It is located in the Balkan peninsular. The country of Macedonia is quite vast and is a wonderful challenge to take up if you consider yourself to be an avid explorer! It is home to the elusive Lynx and the beautiful imperial eagle.

Travel Enlightenment visited Macedonia in the spring of 2010.

The charm of the place is sure to captivate the attention of anyone who visits it; that’s guaranteed! There are so many places to visit, and a lovely culture to experience. Macedonia is a land rich in culture and tradition. The place is famous for its flavoursome cuisine, and the people there have a passion for music and dance. The people of the place are so hospitable; you are sure to feel at home.

the most beautiful place in macedonia is orchid

Orchid Macedonia - The most beautiful place to visit!

If you are planning a long vacation, and you haven’t been to Macedonia, then you should consider going to there! The place offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, and age old tradition and cultures. This perfect blend of nature and culture makes it a famous destination for nature lovers and people who have a passion for exploring. The vivid mountains and canyons are the most famous among tourist destinations; especially for those who have the adventurous streak in them. The lakes and rivers add to the scenic beauty of the place. Also, the exotic cuisines are a must try and are sure to keep you craving for more, more and more.

The place will surely enthral you! Every bit of your stay at Macedonia will be a trilling experience. As mentioned before, not just the beauty of the place, but also the culture, the tradition and hospitality of the people there makes the experience of the place worthwhile.

While visiting Macedonia you can be assured that it is a country that is inexpensive and that offers good food.

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