Month Completing—Farming—Israel.

The fourth week of organic farming is completing; I will be staying until January 4 on the farm, which a couple from Canada will be arriving on the fourth. The family suggested to head north, and stay at their sister’s house that lives on a Kibbutz near the border of Lebanon.

I will most likely use her place as a base for the northern sites; we will discuss the arrangement and length of stay once I arrive. She has been to the house on some Sundays, and she is an excellent cook. After spending time in the north, then, I will head for Jerusalem.

I have found it an interesting experience staying here on the farm; I do know that I am not a person for the field, although I will do the work, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. Even so, the month has been progressive—this last week it rained quite heavily; I sat inside cracking pecans. I am looking for a situation in Greece for the month of March.

It has been another wonderful year without the Christmas syndrome. From observing the holiday from a distance, it is indeed a commercial, consumer tactic, based on business. The common thought seems to be based on a time for family, which is positive, but why should family gatherings be related with sun worship. Many travel blogs that I follow comment about missing being home during the holidays. I personally enjoy being at a distance from America and have enjoyed experiencing a different culture that does not embrace Christmas. I am astounded to read and observe the attachments of humanity toward the holidays of their culture. Hanukkah is genial— light a candle, and eat dinner.

The Gaza issue is interesting and a dilemma; I will write about the details later.

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