Mouse Hunting, Tile, and Wood.

Saturday, Sonya’s dad installed the tile in the shower room and entryway; a major help, plus they are selling me a wood stove at a great price. In addition, they are helping me get DSL into the house, possibly through the grandparent’s house across the street since they have a phone. Sonya’s family is very amiable, reliable people. Indeed, the reliable compared to the worthless are a minority, however, the responsible, genuine individuals, even though few, are exemplary.

An interesting concept among the neighborly help is that the neighbor that hooked up the hot water heater and fixed the gate did the work for free, in addition to giving me tomatoes and peppers. And, Sonya’s dad did not charge nor will he accept any money, although I am taking out the family for dinner some night. The plumber and big fat george that never showed saved me some money.

Last Thursday, the task of accomplishing a couple of cubic meters of wood out to the house occurred. The wood is not cut small, it’s cut at a meters length. In addition, they just dumped the wood in front of the house. The kids came through again, and helped move the wood into the yard. I took them out for pizza because they helped paint the windows and moved the wood. Neighborly George said he would help cut the wood with his chainsaw.

It is interesting observing how the kids are easily entertained. The smallest invention, like rolling up the used masking tape into a “baseball” and setting a bucket in the distance and throwing the ball in—exciting stuff. The boredom rules over the villages and towns; individuals do lack creative thought of what to do—television is a major cause, thinking of gathering to play volleyball or softball doesn’t happen; yet, no different from any other town/village around the globe. The kids that have taken a liking to me are positive, and they do avoid the kids that are negative in the village.

There has been a small mouse running around the winter house. His escape routes were under the door, which the newly installed tile closed it off by narrowing the gap, and the shower and sink drains. I knew the mouse was in the house, so I closed off the drains. The kitten (I haven’t decided on a name yet) noticed the little scoundrel, although cute. Totally—the hunt, chase, play, and kill was a scene from Tom & Jerry, except for that Jerry never gets killed in the cartoon. A big addition to the story, another mouse came up from the drain after the first mouse was terminated, and the attack from the kitten was outstanding. My new juvenile kitten is on high mouse alert! I have a few names in mind, snoozer, snuggles, or maybe MT, for “Mouse Terminator”. After this episode of two kills, he caught a moth, too. This night has been an excellent time observing nature in action. Catching the two mice, I notice a soar in confidence in the kitten, he has been sitting at the “kill corner” all night.