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Researching and deciding on the the backpack I will be using has been one of the most important aspects of gathering my gear. Considering that I will be “living” out of it when traveling I wanted to get the correct size and one that fits my body perfectly. Most backpacks are top loading internal frame packs. The problem is with those types of those backpacks is when ever you need to access anything on the bottom you need to take everything out.

The website has been a wonderful resource, how I came about the site is beyond me. I started to search for travel packs next to regular backpacks. The idea that I had in mind was from two travelers I ran into and they had packs from that are just like a carry on bag but they have traps and no wheels. The pack that I went with you can view by clicking on the title link of this post..

The day pack attaches with a zipper which I can always clip the day pack on the front of the main pack. The main pack is designed to carry on planes and trains with the straps hidden under a flap with a zipper. The main pack opens from the side which I got packing cubes which helps packing my gear more compact.

I have started walking with it at the beginning of this month, and I must say it is a very good fit. High Sierra has four different styles and sizes, I went with the second to the smallest backpack. This information I am sharing is for anyone who may benefit from my ideas.

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