Natural Bridges State Park in California.

Here are a couple of pictures of Natural Bridges, this place is on the very west side of Santa Cruz. Butterflies migrate here starting in September and by October there is a grove in the park which is the destination of their migration. They have it set up so a person can lay on the wooden deck and calmly observe the beautiful butterflies flying about above in the trees and hanging around.The pelicans in this area are fun to watch also. They leave for the winter and come back in the spring. They just started to come back. I find them to be an interesting looking type of bird, kind of with the prehistoric look. They basically stick to the coast and fly along the coast in groups. I will try to get some good shots this summer.

I figured out how to get a close up from a distance with my camera and keeping it in clear focus. Nice to have such a feature for animal shots. Plus the camera has a feature for moving objects.

Stay tune for more, this summer I should get some good shots of San Francisco.