People of Siwa.

These guys were visiting from Marsa Matruh, they are criminal defence lawyers. Crack me up that’s for sure. They had all sorts of questions regarding America. One big question was – what is more important, sex or your job. LOL, have to laugh at that one. The guys in the background run this cafe, I will be posting a review on the best cafe and guys in Siwa very soon.

The guy on the right is one of the guys that run the Palm Trees Hotel, he does speak English. The other guy on the left is deaf, although he is a very clever kid.
This is the other guy that runs the hotel. The two of us did a lot of hanging out, he is a very nice person and shared a lot about the culture of Siwa with me.
Meet Mr. Charming himself. OK all you western gals, he is waiting for your arrival. Super cool taxi kid. Goma speaks good English and will have you gals laughing in a minute.
I was walking and these guys were taking a lunch break from work, they invited me to eat with them. That day I was just walking, went into the desert for awhile until a guy was driving and stopped to tell me that there were wild dogs up ahead eating a cow. I turned around. Funny this guy I ran into spoke great English, he lived in the states for awhile.
All the men and boys of Siwa where this type of jump suit throughout life.
You guessed it, the kids above could say, ” hello” and “what’s your name”. I decided to get a picture of them.
This guy was our driver in the sand desert, a Bedouin – a person who knows the desert. Great driver.
Goma, wearing my sunglasses and other taxi kids looking at my Egypt guide book. Like I say girls he is waiting for you to sweep him off his feet.
Mister cool.
These kids liked my sunglasses.

The below first few pictures are from the family I met in the road the first day I was there. They liked my camera so much they invited my for tea in there field and showed me there home, although I did not meet any of the women, only kids and the men.
This is a basic farm in Siwa. A person can do very well by owning a garden.

These kids went nuts over their picture being taken.

Notice the white kid with the dirty face, from the same family. Some of the people of Siwa are absolute white, although Siwaian. Some say from the results of a bad history of incest.
Fantastic people, a place to not be missed when traveling Egypt.

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