Petra – Day Two.

Day two was much more fascinating then the first day. I certainly recommend to take at least two days to visit Petra. This morning I headed for the High Place of Sacrifice, I again decided to take a donkey up. My lungs took a beating climbing Mount Sinai, I have never really had strong lungs for intense climbing type of activity, next to being very strong physically. My focus has been toward inner strength instead, next to physical strength. I do have to hand it to the older people that do the climbing – very impressive. I kind of like the donkey anyway.

The above picture is of the Colonnaded Street.

The high place of sacrifice is interesting, amazing how they would climb to sacrifice to the gods and how they tried to find the highest peak in the area. The above picture is of the platform for the sacrifice. The days of different religious ideas, even though the form of worshiped changed, it really is still the same type of deception today, although, nowadays – the truth is very attainable if that’s what a person wants. The below picture is of the two oblisks in the area of the high place.

This week has been very busy because of the Orthodox Easter spring break, many people from France in paticular are visiting Petra. The Beadouin in this are of Petra are very nice people, they are so much more open then in Egypt. Many of the men are kind of like cowboys, becasue of riding horses and horse carragies up and down the Siq. They also grow their hair long, which I find to be a suprise compared to Egypt. Being away from Egypt, I have been experiencing many grateful feelings of appreciation by having many positive memories.

The above picture is of the Great Temple of Petra.

Here in Jordan there is much more freedom compared to Egypt in a certain way. I did meet two very nice girls from Amman today, we had a nice conversation. I also met two American women, one who lives in Cairo going to school. They had some interesting stories regarding the men of Jordan which is not very positive, just from visiting in the street it reminded me of Upper Egypt regarding the emotion that the men manifest – the result of the separation of the sexes. This small town is very male dominated with the women staying at home for the most part. Once two people are engaged they only will get to know each-other in the home of the family. There is not much freedom regarding dress, even if it’s extremly hot outside the men wear long trousers.

The two American girls I met loved traveling Syira – nice people and very safe, without any hassle. They got the visa at the border. The many experiences that women haved shared with me, how they are treated from Arab men, just teaches me even deeper respect for women. The men here, also many in the westurn world, have no idea what it means to be just friends with women. It is so very interesting to observe the raw, negative results, to the separation of the sexes.

Petra is an amazing place to visit, and certainly a wonder of the world in modern times.

I will be heading out tomorrow to Dana. Most likley spend two nights. Then head to Karak and off to Madaba. I am trying to arrange to couch-surf with someone in Amman. I am not to sure if there is any Internet in Dana. I might not be able to post for a few days. As soon as I get on to some fast DSL I will start to upload all the pictures I have been taking on to shutterfly. The travel in Jordan will be much faster then in Egypt. Some countries will be a faster pace than others.

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