Quick Outing Today—Hisar.

A quick outing today. Zhivko and I went to inquire about the car registration, I guess I need a Bulgarian ID before changing it into my name. So on Monday we will head to Plovdiv, and the lawyer will have ready the paper work for the company and the paper work for the ID. It will be nice to have a Bulgarian ID. We will also inquire about the DLS for the house in Plovdiv. Then we will get the car registered in a few days, most likely in Parvomay, although they said I have until the end of August when the insurance needs to be updated into my name to register the car.

We did get the oil, oil filter, and air filter changed in the car. It is always a good feeling to have clean oil in the car, I insist to run clean oil. However, quality oil is expensive here in Bulgaria.

In September I will inquire about the long term visa in Sofia, and find out if I have to go out of the country to a Bulgarian embassy or not.

This weekend we have some couch surfers staying with us here in Hisar.