Quick update—Beirut.

A quick note: I have uploaded about 60 pictures of Lebanon to Shutterfly. Shutterfly changed their interface, it is very nice.

I am getting ready to head out for Turkey on Sunday or Monday. Since I will be in the region of the Mediterranean I may visit Beirut again, because the woman that I have become friends with keeps asking me to visit again. I could always make a short flight from Athens, or take a boat from Cypress, we will see at that time and what is meant to happen.

I can’t explain clearly the details, but she is really an incredible person, the depth of her inner person has the ability to penetrate deep within myself. She is also totally open, honest, spiritual, and understanding without judgement. It has been, totally, an unexpected occurrence.
Last night, out and about there were major amounts of people out shopping, eating, drinking, and out at the movies, Beirut is a very lively city—many different faces this city manifests.
The next time I post I should be in Turkey.