Rainy Sarajevo with American Tourists, and a Slight Change.

old town sarajevo

As grey clouds and rain dominate Sarajevo the time here is an eye opener to what life was like during the siege that transpired for over three years. There are many streets that a person would be a sitting duck to snipper fire. Attracted and fascinated my mind becomes while walking around Sarajevo toward the hills surrounding the city where the tanks, mortars, artillery, and anti-aircraft guns were positioned. During the siege Sarajevo was a living hell. Currently Sarajevo is an interesting city to visit and peaceful. There are many American tourists/vacationers; it is interesting where groups of Americans visit. Predominant cities are Istanbul, Jerusalem, Athens, and Belgrade is another popular city though I haven’t visited Belgrade yet, but off the beaten path I will not run into any American travelers. It is also interesting how tourists relate to the rain—some express affirmative disappointment—there are tourists from throughout western Europe and some from Asia here in Sarajevo. I meet some wonderful young American girls and talked about the unhealthy chemicals that are added to American produced milk, some breads, and the deceptive microwave.

I continually inquire about Montenegro here in Sarajevo and everyone expresses the same subject—Montenegro is ultra lazy, negative, and greedy. Ironically, an Italian man staying in the next room works in Budva each summer; he makes decent money throughout the tourist season.

A Slight Change:

My tentative plans changed slightly. The flat that was supposedly available is already rented. I did have a feeling because of the lack of communication between the person that is renting me this room and the man who owns the potential flat, but it is all for the best.

sarajevo siege 1993

The Siege Map of Sarajevo

I’ve been contemplating when would be the best time to travel the country. Late August really is not the best time because of high season. So since the apartment situation fell throw I will travel the country instead starting with Mostar and visiting a few towns in that region and possibly from there travel to the northeast and make my way around back to the center.

arial view of sarajevo

The Arial View of Sarajevo

If I run into an apartment situation that presents itself as amiable, then that is where I am meant to stay. Discernment and intuition are the key to recognizing the energetic direction with the moment. Pushing self interest causes frustration with the energetic patterns of spiritual direction. If the reader struggles to understand the depths of this subject, it is understandable.

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