Rocket Attack Update—Nahariya.

Last night three rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon. I slept through all the excitement. One hit Nahariya and two in the field somewhere. Today there are planes and helicopters flying everywhere in the sky.

Everything is fine, the way I see it, is if a there is a direct hit on the house I am staying in—then that episode is meant to be, although I doubt a direct hit will take place.

Saturday the sister is driving me to her brothers, I will have the place to myself and can stay as long as I like, most likely two weeks, then head to Jerusalem.

We don’t know if a small, angry group of Hezbollah shot the rockets or what took place politically, even so, I will keep my eye out for any rockets falling from the sky.

Interesting enough the BBC e-mailed me and want to do an interview because of the Rocket attacks, not much to report at this time.