Save on Santorini

Picture this: on a high rocky cliff looking out across the glistening azure sea, which is mirrored by a cloudless sky, you can sit among white-washed buildings in a sun drenched village, sipping a glass of the local tipple and breathing in the scents of the sea. Where else could you be except Santorini, Greece?

Twice ranked as the world’s best holiday island, it is little wonder that this amazing volcanic cluster has become one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. None of this means it has become a bank-breaking getaway though. If you’re looking for discount Greece holidays yet you fancy something that little bit different, perhaps an island that’s a world away from the day to day grind, then Santorini is the place to escape to.

Take yourself away to an Island which is shrouded in mystery and full of intrigue. Santorini has such a history and story to tell, through the prehistoric ages where you can still see early settlement ruins, past the devastating volcano and up to its modern day wine-making, everywhere you turn this is a community that has built a reputation for itself, mastered the art of tourism and becoming a world leader in truly memorable holidays.

There are many historical and archaeological sites to see throughout your holiday. But you’ll also find plenty of beautiful volcanic sandy beaches, and strange rock formations that transform an evening’s stroll along the beach into a lunar expedition!

Being a Greek island the accommodation in Santorini is friendly and welcoming, ranging from the cheap and cheerful to the more contemporary hotels with every modern convenience a traveller needs. Evening entertainment is lively and has all corners covered from cocktail bars and cosy retreats, to nightclubs. So from couples seeking a quiet getaway to those looking for a more cosmopolitan break, Santorini can provide the perfect escape.