Securing Your Valuables while Traveling India

locking valuables in india

Traveling India and other “developing countries” may increase an alertness that requires extra security for valuables such as your laptop computer and cell phone. Here in India most hotel doors have outside locks such as the picture above. Carrying a Master combination lock while traveling I find essential; master combination locks are reliable and proven durable.

travel locks for third world countries

You will want to buy a chain, and possibly a key lock once your in India for the trains. Each train seat has a steel hook to chain your main pack. The small coil lock is ideal to chain up the daypack to a hardened metal location for extra security for a good nights sleep.

I have never had a problem with any hotel or guest house from the 19 countries I have traveled in the last three years. Yet, extra protection creates peace of mind when carrying an expensive laptop, iPod, and cell phone.