Separation of People and Politics.

When exposing the truth of a government, religion, or a cultural entity, it is crucial to not generalize and combined the common people within the context. Generalizing the common people, racism is at the doorstep; people are a product of their upbringing, most are subjected to automatic behaviors and do not know any better because of ignorance.

Here in Israel a small percentage who is in power of government, banks, etc… oppress even the common Israeli; it‘s astonishing to hear stories that Israeli’s reveal. The powerful dark lower entities are creating control under the delusion of “security” and fear. Because of rules, regulations, and corruption, the populace becomes fearful because of bad situations happening and what can happen. The complicated bureaucracy is created as a controlling tool to enslave.

Among this world, the majorities identify themselves with their country. Considering the low level of consciousness of the norm, this attachment is normal. Certainly, the common person cannot be judged because of the behavior of the culture or government. The problem is when a religion, culture, or government is attacked the individual personalizes the information.

The personalization of the culture causes the countries emotional baggage of reality to attach; thus, the emotions of shame, guilt, and fear become reality. Understanding the root cause, a person should strive to detach themselves from their patriotic nationality, although the extreme few will be successful next to the majority that is clueless.

If I attack the Israeli government, or the religion of Judaism; indeed, there is no attack against the common Israeli or Jewish person. On the contrary, staying in six different homes I can assure you not every Israeli supports the actions of the government, nor do they support the extreme religious fanatics. There are many Israeli’s, and Jews, who can see through the hogwash of the government and religion. There are good and bad people in every country around the world.

The discrepancy is the belief system of the world. If a person could recognize the truth of the rebirth cycle, then humanity could understand that most issues are not personal, and that an attachment to a nationality or culture causes hate. The love of country has created the biggest wars of the world.

Beyond human eyes, the spirit world battles for dominance, which the darkness has grasped the upper hand with humanity. A part of this dominance and control is wielding and molding different cultures as an energy source, and for the derange entertainment of the lower wicked entities. Several cultures I have observed relate to slavery within one form or other. Detachment is the only answer; even though, many people are stuck within their cultural, inner detachment can lengthen a person’s value.

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