The Sun Temple at Konark—Eastern Coast India

India Sun temple at konark. eastern coast of puri

The Sun Temple at Konark in the State of Orissa is one of India’s signature archeological landmarks and an Unesco Heritage Site. Most people visit the sun temple on a day trip from Puri or Bhubaneswar. Constructed during the mid-13th century to celebrate a military victory over the Muslims, the sun temple experienced continual usage for three centuries.

dancing at the sun temple at konark india

A Dancing Couple

The Sun Temple was conceived as the Cosmic Chariot: seven mighty prancing horses moving the leviathan of stone on 24 stone cartwheels that stand around the base. The temple was positioned so the sun would shine at dawn and illuminate the duel interior and the presiding deity. The walls of the Sun Temple at Konark are lined with erotic art, also, the present a chronicle of Kalinga life. Every type of sexual position is displayed at the Sun Temple—heterosexual, homosexual, orgies, and several creative sexual positions.

sex art, sun temple erotic art, puri india, kornak sex

Erotic Art at Konark

I hired a guide at the temple grounds for only 150 rupees, and the guide is well worth the extra that appends to the increased foreigner fee of 250 rupees next to the Indian 10 rupee entrance fee. There are only a certain number of guides that are registered at the Sun Temple, try to avoid non-registered guides.

chariot wheel at the sun temple in India

One of the Chariot Wheels at Konark

Today I am near Darjeeling and haven’t decided if I should visit Assam to the east or Sikkim to the North, currently Sikkim is much colder that Assam. Or, I could just stay in Darjeeling.

2010 travel route in india

The Distance from Darjeeling to Gangtok or Guwahati is both a good 8 hour train ride, heading to Sikkim the ride is up hill.

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